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We are Chartered Clinical Psychologists registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) working within the British Psychological Society's Code of Ethical Conduct and Practice.

What we offer

As Clinical Psychologists we are trained to develop clarity, energy and foster hope with the people we work with. Our doctoral level qualifications have equipped us to integrate evidence based psychological theory and research with high quality assessment skills therapeutic practice which is tailored to the customer's needs.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

With this kind of approach we focus predominantly on the present and on a specific problem. The work can include: pacing & goal setting, symptom & pain management, desensitisation work, identifying coping strategies, practicing relaxation skills, stress and anxiety management, developing relationship skills, and relapse prevention. CBT can help to identify negative thought patterns and compose alternative ways of thinking. It is a useful tool in developing confidence and learning the strategies for future 'self-help'.

Psychotherapy, Couple and Family Work

These therapies look to: overcome specific problems such as depression, work through past trauma, build confidence, improve communication, or develop more successful relationships. It offers a safe space to talk and think, reflect on and process experiences both past and present, validate feelings, and provide greater clarity. Our empathic approach aims to reduce psychological distress and improve mental wellbeing whilst also creating opportunities to develop alternative perspectives, potential solutions, and foster hope.

Consultation, Supervision, & Training

We deliver training in mental health and disability fields, in addition to tailored consultation for staff teams, focusing on specific concerns, team dynamics or broader issues such as mental capacity. We also offer individual or group supervision to therapy students, trainees and health professionals which supports, guides and develops at a professional and personal level.

Specialist Assessment

We offer personal injury assessment, assessment of capacity, complex and comprehensive behavioural assessments, assessment of mental health, cognitive function and autism. All assessments once complete, are assimilated into a psychological report. Reports can be adapted for the purposes of the Courts if required.

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